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Graziana Gatto, PhD


I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Naples in 2008 and my doctorate degree at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich, in the laboratory of Prof. Rüdiger Klein. I am interested in the molecular and circuit changes driving the adaptation of sensorimotor responses in physiological and disease states.

Current lab members

Ana Galvão

I graduated in Biomedical Engineering with Neuroscience Specialization in the University of Coimbra - Portugal.

I did research in computational modeling for 8 months before starting a new adventure in the Gatto Lab in Cologne.

I am passionate about the brain and neurons circuitry and how to demystify that into a computational model.

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Sandrina Maçãs

In 2015 I graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Beira Interior (Portugal). As a Marie Curie fellow, I worked one year in the project R’Birth (Lund, Sweden) and two years on Parkinson’s disease at the Training4CRM project (Madrid, Spain). During my path, I found my passion for neuroscience and with that, the curiosity to find out more about how molecules and circuits function in the brain to control body movement.

Past lab members

Jacqueline Riffel - Master Student (6-week internship)

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