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18th April

Carla Laumann is awarded the Köln Fortune fellowship for the MD/PhD

15th April

Anna Becker joins the las as MD/PhD

15th Feb

Carla Laumann joins the las as MD/PhD

27th Jan

Pre-Print out in biorXiv

Tutas J, Tolve M, Özer-Yildiz E, Ickert L, Klein I, Hosseini M, Liebsch F, Dethloff F, Gavalisco P, Endepols H, Yang M, Georgomanolis T, Neumaier B, Drzezga A, Daun S, Schwarz G, Thorens B, Gatto G, Frezza C, Kononenko NL. Autophagy regulator ATG5 preserves cerebellar function by safeguarding its glycolytic activity bioRxiv 2024.01.27.577372; doi:


2nd August

Reviewed Pre-Print out in eLife

Hayashi, M., Senturk, G., Gullo, M., Di Costanzo, S., Osseward, II P. J., Nagasaki, S. C., Kageyama, R., Imayoshi, I.*, Goulding, M.*, Pfaff, S. L.*, Gatto, G.* (2023). A spinal synergy of excitatory and inhibitory neurons coordinates ipsilateral body movements. eLife12:RP89362 doi:10.7554/eLife.89362.1. 

1st August

Ines Klein joins the lab as postdoc

12th July

Reviewed Pre-Print out in eLife

Chung, B., Zia, M., Thomas, K., Michaels, A. J., Jacob, A., Pack, A., Williams, M., Nagapudi, K., Teng, L. H., Arrambide, E., Ouellette, L., Oey, N., Gibbs, R., Anschutz, P., Lu, J., Wu, Y., Kashefi, M., Oya, T., Kersten, R., Mosberger, A., O’Connell, S., Wang, R., Marques, H., Mendes, A. R., Lenschow, C., Kondakath, G., Kim, J. J., Olson, W., Quinn, K., Perkins, P., Gatto, G., Thanawalla, A., Coltman, S., Kim, T., Smith, T., Binder-Markey, B., Zaback, M., Thompson, C. K., Giszter, S., Person, A., Goulding, M., Azim, E., Thakor, N., O’Connor, D., Trimmer, B., Lima, S. Q., Carey, M., Pandarinath, C., Costa, R. M., Pruszynski, J. A., Bakir, M., Sober, S. J. (2023). Myomatrix arrays for high-definition muscle recording. eLife 12:RP88551 doi:10.7554/eLife.88551.1

5th April

Felix Kohle has been awarded the Cologne Clinical Scientist Program Fellowship to join the lab as clinician postdoc

3rd April

Sandrina Campos Maçãs has been selected to attend the FENS – Chen Institute – NeuroLéman Summer School on Motor control: from thought to action, to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2-8 July 2023.

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