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on January 15th

Single-Unit EMG workshop

Our goal is to enable trainees to record high-fidelity EMGs and provide new tools for their neuroscience research.


Day 1 - 11th March 2024


Users will be introduced to the ways that the arrays are being used to collect single-unit and multi-unit activity during motor behaviors.

Read also 

Chung Bryce et al., (2023) Myomatrix arrays for high-definition muscle recording eLife12:RP88551

Day 2 - 12th March 2024

Surgical Practice

Users will receive blank template and sample arrays that will allow them to become acquainted with how the material is implanted and can practice alongside instructors.


Day 3 - 13th March 2024


Implant arrays and record acute or chronic data.

Distribution of recording arrays.

Day 4 - 14th March 2024


Spike sorting

Analysis of single-unit EMG data.

Boy Baseball Batter

Day 5 - 15th March 2024

Wrap-up and extra practice

Analysis of single-unit EMG data.

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